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Professional Painting Services

Adrian was a long-time commercial/residential painter before we opened our shop in 2012.
Now he paints our furniture with the same skill, prep and high quality products using an HVLP paint system. 

If you have a piece that needs a makeover or something passed down in your family, but doesn't match your style and decor, let us help. 

Call the shop for a quote (208) 466-4430 or send us an email with pictures of your piece to

IMG_8274 (1).jpg

Custom Built Pieces

Adrian is also skilled at more than painting, he loves carpentry and any chance to build and create. Let him work with you one-on-one to bring your vision to life.
Inquire in person during business hours, by phone or send us an email. Adrian is soon to make your project dreams a reality! 

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